Latest Update On The 25th Anniversary Level

The 20th TresCom anniversary level, delayed a year due to the big interest and passion, turning into the Trespasser 25th anniversary level has been delayed again. The level is close to being done, but due to the big effort by the community members, they rather make sure to finish the level instead of abandoning it and release it in an unfinished state. We here at TresCom think that is a great idea, as we are always sadden when a project has to be abandoned due to a deadline!

s13n1’s VR Demo Progress

Perhaps the biggest news in this news post. s13n1 has released an updated demo of their VR progress. What we’ve seen in videos so far, it looks amazing. Even in 2023, Trespasser’s assets looks great in a modern engine. If you have an Quest 2 VR set, make sure to check it out! You can follow future updates on their X (Twitter) account!

Trespasser VR (Quest 2) – Demo 2 Download Page

Draco’s Tutorials

Community member Draco has been working on some tutorials, helpful for both new and experienced modders. One thing the community has been lacking is tutorials, so hopefully this will help some of you to take the step into modding! So far, Draco has released three tutorials, so make sure to check them out if you are curious!

Drac’s TresEd Tutorial

Exporting / Importing Models

Drac’s Bug / Crash Fix Tutorial