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TresCom OPS Announcement

Oh what a great day! We’ve released the Beta to our second TresCom Ops level (part II of the small series). We do recommend the download to all of you! Head over to the download page and grab the files now! (In case you are having problems finding all the links, we have set up a temporary page here)

Reviews arrived

Well the first few Reviews of our Alpha Version, written by our contest winners Mickey and Asjad, arrived a few days ago… Wonder if they enjoyed it? Then read Mickey’s and Asjad’s Review today.

TresCom OPS Announcement

Another great product of the TresCom Ops Team is in the making. We are currently working on a sequel to the quite succesfull first TresCom Ops level, which will feature once again:


The story takes place after Anne’s escape from Site-B with the balloon. But once again, she’s having bad luck and is forced to crash-land on another island of Los Cinquo Muertes. And once again you’ll have to try to escape the island, but on your way you’ll discover more and more about InGen’s darkest experiments with dinosaurs and DX, a mysterious disease which hampered the cloning of dinosaurs.

TC-Level patch released

That’s right. The TresCom Ops released a great new patch to the infamous TC-Level (v1.0). The patch fixes some smaller bugfixes and increases the levels framerate! Downloading and installing this patch is therefore highly recommended. Download the patch : here

TresCom Ops releases Level

The entire team has been working very very hard to make this happen and today certainly means alot to us. Our new level is done and is waiting for ya to download. So head over to the “Creations” Section and download the file this instant. We certainly hope to get alot of feedback from you people. Even though we will not change anything on this level in the future anymore, the feedback is needed for our future levels. So if you enjoy our work, then please show us 🙂 (either by joining out community or by writing us an email)… Your support is needed.

So much for this. Not much to say, except that the last few months have been the most exiting in my life. This project was huge and yet we were capable of finnishing it. Not even a single year ago anybody would have expected that….

TresCom Ops announces release date

Everything points out, as if we can release the Final version of our TresCom level tommorow, Friday 31st. We certainly hope that all of you will be enjoying the level. It has been more than half a year, since we started working on it. The final release will include several game fixes, such as:

  • Highly improved Terrain
  • new puzzles
  • new locations
  • an outtro video
  • several bug fixes
  • new easter eggs
  • new models

We, the TresCom Ops, have been working overtime on the final beta of our level. Even though we couldn’t find a perfect release date yet, it is quite obvious, that it will be released in the following days. The new version does not onyl fix several bugfixes, but also features an edited terrain, new puzzles, highly improved areas and an entire ingame-video clip!



First public beta being released!

The long wait is over! The TresCom Ops are very proud to open a public beta test of the first version of the level! This means for you, that you can be part of the process of developing a level. All you have to do is to download the files, unzip em and play through it (follow the included install tutorial). Afterwards please report any bugs / or any ideas . We are of course highly interested in your feedback!


TresCom OPS Announcement

We are very proud to announce the first oficial TresCom Product today! Your TresCom Ops Team has been working hard on it for 3 months now and  it finally seems to be close to finished. It is  an entire new level for Trespasser and features several new stuff as the following:

    Several routines created by the Trespasser team (though left out of game) have been recently uncovered n’ restored.
    Their numbers are quite respectable and their detail, no less than professional.
    You will find both simple and challenging puzzles in game which should satisfy both the novice and expert. 😉
    EasterEggs are as much a part of gaming as the actual gameplay. We wish you success in locating them!
    Use your survival skills, use your intellect. It’s entirely up to you as to whether you escape the Island “a very rich girl” or leave the Island with just your life.

Well this is what many of us have been waiting for for a long time now. As a matter of fact it is the first time ever , that something this big has been produced for the Trespasser and many people have failed before  us on this.

In the following days, we will probably be able to show you guys more and more images of the game, so sit tight and keep waiting.