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!!!   We do recommend the use of a download manager! Downloadmanager, such as the “Internet Download Manager” (you can get a free copy here), can usually resume to a broken/stopped download. So that the rather huge download size (45.2 MB) shouldn’t matter much). We do recommend to use the alternative mirror by JPDatabase, to prevent slow download times.   !!!

!!! The default directory for the TC.Level is C:tres cd. If you choose to change to a directory of your choice (during installation), please be advised that you will need to load the level using the file; ‘tcdummy.scn’ and not ‘tc.scn’. This file was included as a courtesy. However; what should be done afterwards, and immediately after level load is complete is to ‘save your game’ and exit Trespasser. From this point, locate your Save Game in the Dreamworks/trespasser folder and rename this file to; ‘tc.scn’ and replace the original tc.scn file within your choosen trespasser cd/data directory. This should be done to restore game-speed. !!!

!!! During installation, the TCFinal Installer ‘updates’ the stream.tpa file with new sounds. This procedure is done automatically, and requires no intervention on your part. However; if you have choosen either ‘typical’ or ‘maximum’ install options during Trespasser’s Installation, a copy of the updated stream.tpa file, found in your cd’s data directory, may need to be ‘copied’ and used to replace the stream.tpa file that you may find inside of the Dreamworks/Trespasser folder. The above, will ensure that you hear the new sounds intended. !!!


TresCom Isle (Act II)

“Beta” Version

High detail (65.2mb):
Primary: FilePlanet (download requires free registration)
Mirror 1: 

Low detail (65.2mb):
FilePlanet (download requires free registration)
Mirror 1: 


“Beta – Patch” v1.0 – 1.0a

High detail Update to Version 1.0a(6mb):
FilePlanet (download requires free registration)

“Beta – Patch 2” v1.0a – 1.0b

High detail Update to Version 1.0b(5mb):
FilePlanet (download requires free registration)

A big thanks goes to Jon from JPDatabase for donating webspace and bandwidth to host the mirrors.

To install the level :

There are two versions of the Beta, a low detail and high detail version. If the original levels of the game run poorly on your system when the detail options are set to maximum, it is recommend that you download the low detail version. All other modern systems should be able to run the high detail version without much trouble.It is recommended to install both update patches for the High-res version.

In order to meet our copyright policy we have encoded the installer. This application will display the password if an installation of a legally obtained version of Trespasser is detected.



TresCom Ops Level (Act I)

 “Final” Version *

Download the file here !

Or use the alternative mirror: here … (provided by

*This version is much superior to the “Beta Version” Download recommended.We also recommend to download and install the following patch!


“Patch” v1.0 – 1.0a

Download and install the patch in order to increase your framerates: here


“Beta” Version

To download the “old” beta files, you may use these links: here or the alternative mirror here. We do however not recommend to download these “old” Beta files…


To install the level *:

1) double click on the “TCFinal.exe” file. a new window will popup. Extract the new files in a directory of your choice.

2) double click on the “tresword.exe” file. This one will check if Trespasser is already installed on your hard drive (warez protection) and will then give you a generated password.

4) double click on install.exe and follow the instructions. DONE!

5)Start up Trespasser. Press CRTL+SHIFT+Q+W (Release W After keys depressed; -W )

*Please be aware , that you need to copy all cd data to the following path: C:tres cd