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The Un-Official
Walkthrough for TresCom-Isle (Act-II)

By: Rebel

Can be found here

The Official
Walkthrough for the TresCom Level (Act-I)

By: Trav (AKA Rexy40)

To The TresCom Team, The former members of the THS team, and my younger cousin, Thomas.

Version 2.0: 1/31/02 Released For The Final Version Of The TresCom Level
Version 1.0: 11/25/02 Released For The Beta Version Of The TresCom Level


Welcome. Before we begin there are some issues we felled complied to raise. First off, no dinosaurs were harmed in the making of this level. Although some of the dinos looks like they’ve been killed, or tranquilized and knocked unconscious, this is not the case. In truth, the dinosaurs are acting. Second, you may think the character ‘Anne’, is unjustly taking up arms against these animals. After all, dinosaurs have been extinct for 65 million years, and here they are, back to life. Well, this never would have happened if Anne went on that plane, or if some greedy, two bit hunters came to Isla Sorna and tried to capture these creatures! Good God, those hunters couldn’t catch a firefly!!! Ahem… sorry about that. Finally, make sure you run this game in ’Hardware Mode’. (Instructions are after the end of the walkthrough. Anyway, enjoy the walkthrough and please, don’t get yourself killed!

 The Walkthrough:

One quick thing, this walkthrough is a bit detailed and quite lengthy, so I would recommend you grab a bag of chips and a can of Coke or Pepsi right now.

Allready to go eh? Well, lets gets started then!

Ok, after the level has loaded, you will notice it is quite foggy, and the sky above is gray, a pure overcast. Take a look around you, it looks quite like a true jungle. Turn around and head up the hill. The hill should top up after a while, and there should be a trail heading right. There stands a Triceratops, and a tall, wooden fence. Save here, I have known the Trike to be a little jumpy, and it can attack. Approach the Triceratops slowly. You will notice there’s a create with a 2 x 4 and a Desert Eagle sitting on top of it. Grab the Desert Eagle, and head back down the hill the way you came. After a while, the trail will end. Head straight ahead. To the right, you will notice two Brachiosaurs. Admire the dinos for a minute or two, and then continue on. Up ahead, there are three barrels, a work light, and a clipboard. The clipboard reads:

Maintenance Schedule

Replace Work light (Not Available!)

Set Traps (Done)

Check Weapon Lockers (On My Way)

Heading to Bridge….

Humm, interesting. Anyway, lets continue on. Follow the jeep trail, and you will run upon a Stegosaurs and it’s baby. Aww, ain’t the baby cute! Go ahead and pet the baby. Hehe, if you happened to pet the baby Steg, the mama should have tried to kill you! I’ve never died at the hands of the Steg myself, but you never know what can happen…. In the back of the nearby truck is a Browning Hunting Rifle. Take it. Continue following the jeep trail. After a nice walk, you will come across a bridge, which looks like the electrified gate thingy from JP1. Anyway, on the right side of the entrance is a the control box. You can press the button all you want, but it isn’t gonna open. The battery is dead. Anyway, go onto the bridge. Inside the truck is a MP5. Take the gun, if you wish (you will have to leave a gun behind, my recommendation is leave the hunting rifle behind). Open the hood on the truck, and there lays another battery. Take the battery. Take the battery back to the control box. Throw away the old battery, and replace it with the battery you took from the truck. Press the button on the front of the control box, and walk across the bridge. Save before you head off the bridge! There will be three separate parts to the walkthrough now, so, lets take a break before we begin.


Ok, lets start out with the hard way to get through this next part.



Go straight ahead, don’t worry about the sign back there, you’ll make it through just fine. Follow the jeep trail. Off to your left is a raptor eating an egg. Don’t worry, it won’t follow you. Keep walking, a text over should pop up, saying: “Which way, straight ahead, or up that hill?” We want straight ahead. Head forward. DO NOT GO INTO THE LONG GRASS!! Damn it, I sound like Ajay from TLW. Anyhow, go around the grass. Go left before the grass. Stay against the hillside. A raptor should try to attack you. Kill it, or injure it and run. Head to the right side of the valley. Run, until you see a temple. Run with every breath you have in you, otherwise, you’re gonna die a sad death at the hands of the T-Rex. You might have noticed the lava pit near the temple. If you can lure that big idiot (The Rex) into the lava, it’ll die. Head into the temple and look around. Save the game. Pull the switch on the wall, and walk toward the crypt. If the spikes killed you, sorry. Stay against the wall when you walk. Take a look at the stone raptors, and the silver raptor on top of the crypt. Inside the crypt is a mummy, and a spear. Feel free to take the spear. Now, DO NOT walk through the doorway with the spear, otherwise you’re gonna die. Throw the spear toward the door. You should see two poison darts shoot out from the walls. Walk past the darts, and grab the spear. Leave the temple. Save. Now, if you didn’t kill the Rex before listen up. The Rex should be at the bottom of the hill. Run down the hill. Try to lure it into the lava. Otherwise, let it charge you. It might sound crazy, I know, but when the Rex charges you, just crouch. It can not get you when you crouch. Run, and when the Rex nearly has you, crouch. Head to the shed. The Rex will follow you to the shed, so be alert. Ok, you can enter the shed by climbing through the back window. BTW-There is a Desert Eagle in the weapon box. Roll a create to the back of the shed, below the window. Knock out the board, and jump inside. While in here, you can take a bait box, which can be used to trap a raptor. There is also a wooden baseball bat, and a Desert Eagle in here. Jump back out of the window if you think it’s safe. Continue on the way you were going. Keep an eye out for a truck, which contains a silenced MP5. The MP5 is the best weapon in this level, so if you find it, you better take it. Keep an eye out for a couple of raptors in this area. Dead ahead is a large concrete wall, with two wooden doors. And, what is this we see behind the wall… A BALLOON! WE’RE SAFE!!! Uh.. Ahem.. Sorry. Well, as we can see, the door is bolted shut. It can’t be shot off, or knocked of by rocks and sticks, so we have hit a snag. Well, there is still a bit of land to explore, so lets return here later. Turn and head right from the doors. Walk around the side of the concrete wall, and you should see a wooden bridge. To the left, is another Desert Eagle. Head across the bridge. Keep an eye out for another raptor. Kill the raptor, or run. Head across another bridge. Keep walking, and you come across the A.J. Research Center. Head inside. Explore for a while. You probably will find a locked door with a keypad beside it. It isn’t working, there’s no power running to the keypad. Head out of the door at the end of the hall. Outside is a wind turbine, and a truck. Shoot the wind turbine’s blades to power up the keypad. Take the sledgehammer from the back of the truck, you will need it. Head inside. The code for the keypad is… 5742643. Head inside Hammond’s office. Behind the desk in is another MP5, but you won’t need it. Grab Hammond’s Briefcase, and leave the research center. Now, you decide your destiny. You can follow the jeep trail behind the research center to a large gate, which will take you to the lab level. Or, you can head back to the balloon, and escape the island. If you head back to the balloon, use the sledgehammer to break the metal beam off the door. Get into the balloon, throw sandbags out until it rises, then jump onto the bench, and enjoy the ride.

Congrats, you have just completed the TresCom level!!!

 The Slightly Easier Way

Ok, instead of traveling through the valley, head up the mountains surrounding the valley. Head across the mountains, past the raptors and rex in the valley, and just follow the walkthrough from the balloon. On the left side of the valley, above the ‘T-Rex Plain’ is a Browning Ma Duce machine gun. This can be used to killed the Rex. Follow the mountains to the balloon compound, and go from there.

 The Easy Way

 This way avoids the T-Rex Plain altogether. When it says to “head up the hill”, well, head up the hill! You know which way to head after that (in case you don’t know, head left ;)). You can explore the area, if you wish. You should find an upside-down jeep with a surprise in it.

 Easter Eggs


A video game with easter eggs to find would really suck!! Fortunately, I have a list of all the easter eggs in the Beta Level! Here they are…

1. On the hill, near the shed, is a dead guy with a knife.
2. In Hammond’s office at the Research Center, on top of the shelf, is a clipboard with the TresCom team members’ names.
3. At the Triceratops, turn on the bones code. Above the fence is am invisible wall. Walk over the wall, and walk around until you teleport. You will be warped to the secret TresCom cubes.
4. The water rut, (the one that runs near the long grass) has a rib cage near the end of the trail. Touch it and a raptor tries to kill ya.
5. The spikes in the temple are a tribute to Indiana Jones and Laura Croft.
6. To see a petradon in flight, go to the huge wall past the Research Center. Climb on top of the wall, and walk to the end of it. A petradon will fly right in front of you.
7. The names in the Diary are taken from real life TresCom Members

 A quick tech issue…

How to use Hardware mode: This level is made to be ran in hardware mode. If you don’t know how to set Hardware Mode, then listen to this. Go into options, and video. Click ‘select new video driver’. You should know what to do from there… (if you don’t, fell free to contact us at the TresCom forum ( ))


Ok, here’s who an’ all I’d like to thank…
Rebel for creating this level

Madppiper for hosting issues

Remdul, making incredible models for the level

Mike the Raptor for additional models

Wajas for choosing me as co-webmaster of TresCity

Andres for creating the tools to edit this level

All the people at the TresCom forums

All the people who have bought Trespasser and downloaded this level

All the Jurassic Park fans

Metallica, ACDC, KISS, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Seger, Aerosmith, Alabama, Led Zepplin, Kid Rock, Ozzy Osbourne, Blue Oyster Clut, John Williams, and all the other music artists I listened to during the making of this walkthrough.

The Original Trespasser Hacking Society

And finally, the developers of Trespasser

 Other Thanks

Pepsi Cola

Hewlett Packard




My cousin Thomas for keeping me sane.

Everybody at High School, (except the Principal, Mr. Blankenship)

Susan and Alexis from College Bound

Everybody from College Bound I know

My friends

And finally everybody in both of my families


You can reach me at:




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That’s it, Ladies And Gentlemen, Walkthrough over.

Peace and Joy