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Derrick Davis Gets Interviewed On “Canned Air Podcast”


As if the recent Austin Grossman interview wasn’t enough, Canned Air Podcast spoke out to the creator of Jurassic Time, Derrick Davis (also known as Scallenger). I stuck around for the entire awesome episode (and also contributed a fairly scary Jurassic Park intro audio), but its around the 34 minute mark that Jurassic Time is discussed. I also briefly mention my upcoming novel Retcon Ride, at around the 1 hour and 4 minute mark.

Listen to the podcast episode right here, or download directly here!

Austin Grossman Exclusive Interview!


Austin Grossman, the writer of Trespasser, reminisces about the experience of creating the game in an exclusive interview conducted by me, Scallenger! Check it out right here, on TresCom’s hosted site about the John Hammond memoir, Jurassic Time.

Trespassing: Tech Demo released!

This is some hot stuff! s13n1 released a first Tech Demo to the amazing Trespassing Trespasser Total Conversion. The game is based on the Cry Engine and wows us with some amazing graphics. For installation, follow s13n1’s instructions on his own website. The tech demo requires the Cry Engine, which is available free of charge here.

Download the Tech-Demo

And now to you: In order to get as many people to play this, we’re in the need of a helpful quick & dirty installation instruction & screenshots. Are you up to the challenge?  Then add your contributions in the comments below.



Community-member awesome24712 just posted these nifty installation instructions:

Did this work out for you? Have a helpful advice to other people downloading the beta? Please let us know in the comments below!

Richard Attenborough (John Hammond) Has Passed Away


On August 24th, the incredibly talented Richard Attenborough passed away at 90 years old. Richard starred in numerous films in his career, and even directed some; winning Academy Awards. But at TresCom we all knew him best as John Hammond from the Jurassic Park films. He ended up reprising his role for Trespasser, recording over half an hour of dialogue for the game from a script by Austin Grossman. Anyone who has played Trespasser will remember his dialogue very well, popping up at precise moments to give players wonderful bits of backstory and even a hint or two. He also effortlessly made us feel for the character and understand him in a way the films never could. He truly made the experience feel authentic and enjoyable.

My site, Jurassic Time, which hosts an audiobook-like program of his Trespasser dialogue, has dedicated a new page to Richard Attenborough. It sheds some light on who he was, and how he will always be remembered. It includes some personal thoughts of my own. Keep his “lost” performance alive by spreading Jurassic Time with others.

Everyone here at TresCom are saddened by this loss. But he shall never be forgotten by any of us.

New fan patch – TresCE

Lee Arbuco, a new member on the forums, has been working on a new patch for Trespasser which adds in DirectX 9, OpenAL, improved compatibility on newer versions of Windows, increased stability, dinosaur activities that were removed from the retail game, and a whole lot of new and improved functions… the most beautiful change in my opinion is the water refraction. Here’s an example image of what the improved graphics look like:


Users also note a doubling of FPS, with levels that retail Trespasser had severe stuttering issue now running smooth and crash free.

Current progress is focusing on adding support for levels using ActionTypes created by BigRed in the ATX patch.

Read the thread on the forum to download and see the list of new features:

Satellite Image of Jurassic World Six Flags Set Found!

Jurassic World is the new Jurassic Park movie coming out next year, but so far TresCom has been rather silent on the whole thing, aside from the contents of the thread on the forums. Well, today I have something to share that I found myself and shared with a few other sites already, and those sites have already broken the news, but felt to share it on TresCom for those who want to see it here. I will warn you, what I found contains SPOILERS but will be an absolute treasure for recreating Jurassic World in Trespasser in the future, hence its relevance here. It’s the perfect reference image, the kind of thing you’ll only think you’ll see in dreams.

After going on a whim to see if one of the major satellite imagery companies managed to snag a shot of the set of Jurassic World on the parking lot of the abandoned Six Flags, New Orleans, I managed to stumble upon an image of the set from May 26, 2014 showing the set pretty much completed.

The image is hosted by TerraServer at this address: Spoiler-Image 1 Spoiler warning, though, as some features WILL spoil scenes from the movie.

Here’s a copy of the image from the preview page for high resolution downloads: Spoiler-Image 2

The Gaming Beaver “Let’s Play”

Let’s play have become a common thing on that space you know as the interwebs. A particularly nice one recently popped up in which “The Gaming Beaver” gives Trespasser another run for the money

I really love these, so if you happen to have a let’s play of your own – let us know in the comments below 🙂

Trespassing stuns us with a reshoot of the Trespasser demo

This is long overdue: s13n1 sent us an amazing set of screenshots from his recent work on the Trespasser Cry-Engine Total Conversion. AND.IT.LOOKS.STUNNING!

Trespassing - Tech demo 2

Trespassing - Tech demo 3

Trespassing - Tech demo 4

Trespassing - Tech demo 5

I am honestly speechless how good everything looks with a modernized engine. The screenshots reimagine the infamous Trespasser demo that we have played for countless hours in the past. If you haven’t played the original demo just yet, make sure to grab the files here.

We really hope that we can lay our own hands on this baby, soon! In the meanwhile: who’s up for the challenge of finding the corresponding locations from the screenshots? Post your picture in the comments below.

Cracked.com takes on Trespasser

Poor Trespasser get’s hardly any love from the authors of cracked.com, who recently took it upon themselves to point out hilarious attempts at video game realism. As Cracked, one of our favorite time-wasters on the web, puts it:

Trespasser is a shooting game, but without cross hairs to help you aim and interact with the world, because even though those are staples of the genre, they’re just so silly and unrealistic. Instead, in what can only be described as the spiritual predecessor to QWOP, the game forces you to press several keys simultaneously in order to control the position and rotation of your arm and wris

You can read the full article  here.

Oh cracked, how can you stab us in the back like this… Either way: undeserving or rightfully on the list – let us know what you think! 🙂

Crichton’s Third ‘Jurassic Park’ Novel Discovered, ‘Jurassic World’ Canceled For Adaptation

In a surprise discovery, it has been revealed that Michael Crichton wrote a third, untitled, ‘Jurassic Park’ novel that was buried within his unpublished files and documents. Harper Collins, the publishers of his previous posthumous work ‘Pirate Latitudes’ and ‘Micro’, are currently doing final edits on the material to release the third novel by this fall.

“It is an unexpected treasure that words cannot describe,” a representative from Harper Collins said. “The files were unmarked, which was why we hadn’t discovered it until now. It is a breathtaking story that is probably one of the best Crichton had ever written. The way he continued the story is even more fresh than what he did for the other sequel, ‘The Lost World’. At the same time, it is the ultimate fan service.” Harper Collins was weary to share any more details at this time.

There is some bad news, however. Universal Studios released a statement in conjunction with Harper Collins that the next installment in the film series, ‘Jurassic World’, has been canceled in light of this discovery. Frank Marshall had some words for fans of the beloved film franchise.

“Due to the amazing discovery of a third ‘Jurassic’ novel from Crichton, we have made the difficult decision to cancel all production on ‘Jurassic World’ in order to make a faithful adaptation of this new material. The story is truly amazing, and better than anything we have ever come up with. Making our current production would contradict elements in the novel, making an adaptation of it unlikely to ever happen. We want to respect Crichton’s legacy this time, so we feel that putting in the extra time to go back square one will be the best choice. We are sorry to the fans and those involved in this current production for yet another delay again. But trust me when I say that the wait will be worth it. This new novel is incredible,” said Marshall.

There are bound to be mixed emotions with this news. Fans of the novels will be rejoicing, while fans of the films will probably throw their hands up in the air and no longer care what becomes of their favorite franchise ever again. The big question is: what plot does this new novel have that is so good to make an entire film production come to a halt to adapt it instead?