Trespasser 2D Demo

Trespasser in 2D? Why not? Over the years we’ve had several projects which aim were to recreate the game in various forms, 2D, 3D and VR. Dino Parker wants to share their work-in-progress of their recreation of the game in 2D.

The goal is to get this released for both PC and Android. As Dino Parker notes: “Since I am just an amateur game developer, kindly bear with me if any glitches/ errors that might pop up during the game. It should run fine on PCs with latest Microsoft builds. Kindly let the community members trying the demo to suggest improvements and/or modifications to me @this mail id, so I can refine and give a better version in the final build. Hope you guys enjoy it!”

Email to Dino Parker is: “jptrespasser2d (at) gmail (dot) com” or you could use the comment section on the download as well, which can be found here: Trespasser 2D Demo Download

Enjoy! 🙂

Various Trespasser Projects

Today’s news post will be packed with updates and showcases of various Trespasser-related topics not directly related to modifying the game.


Trespasser in Minecraft? Yes. For the past six years, MinePass has worked on their recreation of Trespasser inside of Minecraft. A massive work where almost everything is built by hand.

3D Printed Art

Community member Wedge_Antilles showcased some 3D printed Trespasser art they made on our Discord. It is really impressive to finally see Trespasser-related art in 3D style. If you happen to have Instagram, you can follow them for more updates: Wedge_Antilles Instagram

Trespasser Comic

We got even more art coming. PierceHill started to make a comic based on Trespasser that will be based both on the events of Trespasser as well as the movie. A few pages have been done. These are all drawn by hand on paper. You can keep yourself updated in the official forum thread: Trespasser Comic Forum Thread

Toy Photography

Long time community member Draconisaurus continues their toy photography. I thought this was worth a mention.

JPDS Turns 11

Guest News Post by Draconisaurus

“Hello! On this day in 2011, JPDS was released to the public. It had been in production since December 2004, bringing production time to around 6.5 years, or one ten millionth of the time since they say Dinosaurs ruled the Earth (circa 1993). We spared no expense. The JPDS Team varied in its membership over time but eventually we pulled through and released a finished, though incomplete, mod to play.

MikeTheRaptor was a great conceptualizer, and modeler, a good friend to bounce ideas with. JPXTom, originally showed me TresCom at the forums. DemonCarnotaur did some great concept art sketches, including the initial area of a helicopter crash by an Ankylosaur and dead Pterosaur. RyanEaglesfield, was hard to work with sometimes but in the end gave some great material. TrikeUatra gave us a great menu. SecondIlliteration did TONS of Dino skin work. Mickey was invaluable for his musical ear, and his sense of a good natural environment in Tres. Nem helped a bit, and Slash_Master. But the mod would never have been finished in time without Tatu arriving on Site B to fix the foliage height errors from JPDS’s bizarre 4096^2 terrain. He even did some level work in the Plains area. 8 )

In recent times I’ve finally gotten a nice amount of feedback on the mod. Youtube playthroughs are quite standard these days and people seem to mention playing JPDS somewhat frequently. I’m glad everyone enjoys it! I myself learned a ton from the experience. Sadly I doubt I’ll ever have a mod project going on so massive as JPDS was.”


Please join us as you discuss your memories and thoughts about the JPDS mod on the celebration thread: JP: Dark Secrets 11th Anniv.


TresCom 20th Anniversary Level – Progress Update

Back in August 2021, community member TrespasserGuy suggested that the community should collaborate on a level to celebrate TresCom turning 20 years later this year (similar to the community collaboration for Trespasser’s 20th anniversary level). A lot of project has been made and people are putting a lot of love into the level. The goal is to have the level released in November of this year.

If you want to contribute, keep yourself updated on the project, or just download the latest version, check out the forum thread about the project: TresCom 20th Anniversary Level

Forum Issues – Solved

UPDATE: Forum is back online!

Nedry is at it again and caused us forum issues. Stay tune as we are fixing whatever he did this time.

Merry Christmas

Happy holidays to all Trespasser fans out there!

Trespasser HD Remake

For the past several month, out Discord user wohoyefe have worked on remaking Trespasser in Unity. Today, they have shared a first release of their remake. It is an impressive remake, so make sure to check it out. You can find it in our download section: Trespasser HD Remake Download

Don’t forget that we do also have some holiday-themed levels, be sure to check them out in our Levels section!

Kim does Trespasser justice

A new documentary on Jurassic Park: Trespasser is out. Just… just watch it (it is really good):

Trespasser: Isla Sorna

I think it is time for me to make a news post about this mod. Late last year, I released the first version of the Isla Sorna mod created by me and TheIdiot. The first part of the mod combines the levels Beach, Jungle Road and the first part of Plantation House into one big level, while combining the versions of levels we have. You might have already heard about it, or played it. If you have not, check it out for a fresh Trespasser experience!

Server Maintenance – Update

UPDATE: Everything should be up and running. Please report any issues you might have. – tatu


Woah, that did not go as planned…

So here’s what happened: during the migration, a mostly automated process, we noticed that the nodes had become unstable. They may have been out-of-synch before, but when the migration started, one of the nodes started to override itself and in turn remove large parts of the files it contained. 

The process was stopped immediately, but in doing so we lost access to the data on the node. The node contained files from some of the hosted websites, including trescom, and more importantly our entire webserver configuration. Without it, all websites went down immediately. The databases, which contains the content to all websites were migrated without any issues, so in a worst-case scenario we would have had all the texts, but only parts of the files (images etc). There was a second backup strategy in place, on top of the replication of the data across the nodes, but that one failed us too, as it stopped synching data from the newer nodes. Regardless, we would have been able to recover data from there, but it would have taken a lot of time.

As of writing, we managed to recover the broken node and regain access to all data. We are now fixing remaining issues on the websites – Trescomforum for example is lacking the proper PHP version. So everything should be back to normal soon.

Scheduled Server Downtime – January 9th/10th 2021

madpipper has let us know there will be a server migration over the weekend, on January 9th and 10th. The site will be inaccessible at times, so please be aware if you can’t access the site. Thanks!