Happy Birthday Trespasser!

Today, Trespasser turns 22. 22 years ago was the official release date. Happy birthday Trespasser!

September 20, 2020 News Post

New Levels

It is rare these days that we get new members in the community that also have a huge interest to make new levels. One of our latest member, morningstarring has released no other than 2 new levels in the past 2 months. These fan levels are modifications of retail levels which is a rare thing now in the community. Be sure to check them out!

Redwood Road

Download it here: Redwood Road Download (43.91MB)


Download it here: Airfield Download (54.41MB)

Assets In The Making

Draconisaurus has shown us his current work-in-progress model he’s been working on for a few weeks – an “African Cape Gun”. Many hours has been spent on this to make sure its been done to perfection. He released a video of it in action:

Trespasser In Source Engine

killer89, also known as Mattila22 on our Discord has been working hard on recreating a few areas of Trespasser inside the Source engine. Their latest project have been to recreate Industrial Jungle, which is a huge undertaking.



You can follow their work on our Discord (Link in the right menu, below the forum link), or on our forum: Hunter’s camp & Lab complex in Source engine

Fan Art

We don’t get many new fan arts on our forum anymore, but that doesn’t mean no-one is making any. Draconisaurus have discovered several fan arts the past month on the internet.

©Lee Fitzgerald - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xzKZA4©MiryAnne - https://www.deviantart.com/miryanne/gallery

You can find more on our forum: Internet Trespassing

More Fan Art

While we rarely do get new fan art, Draconisaurus has shared some of his drawings, some which are Trespasser inspired, make sure to check these out as well.

Check out the rest here: Drac Sketching

Jurassic Time: The Memoir Of John Parker Hammond (Definitive Edition)

The “Definitive Edition” is finally released! I hope you all enjoy the new videos, which have lots of new surprises in store for people familiar and unfamiliar with the previous versions. Includes more sound effects and a lot more! You can watch the entire playlist at the link below.

Also, now open, is the brand new website where you can download the updated audio version, Excavated PDF book, and a ton of other features involving Jurassic Park.

View the new videos here. Visit the site for more: http://jurassictime.trescom.org

First 2020 News Post!

It’s been a year since the last news post, but fear not, there have been plenty of stuff happening in the community. Here is several of them:

TresCom Anthology

Rebel has been busy in the recent year to work on the latest installment in the TresCom level series. Latest to join is the prequel level, which tells the story on how Anne ended up where she is in the first TC level. The prequel level is still a work in progress but Rebel has made a nice package that contains the whole story so far. The package comes will all the levels and are bundled with ATX and is standalone, ready to be played!

TresCom Anthology Download (168.7 MB)

NOTE! The TresCom.tpa file was missing a sound while wearing the gas mask. If anyone wants to replace the file inside of the anthology’s package (inside data folder), it’s in the 7zip below.

TresCom.tpa Fix Download (57.9 MB)

TrespasserGuy’s Unfinished Levels

TrespasserGuy decided to share two of their unfinished levels in hopes that it will have some inspiration for people to do some modding. TrespasserGuy describe them as: “Both of these levels take inspiration from some JP1 concept art and try to create a tropical resort-type locale that is very heavily implied to take place on Isla Nublar.”

You can find these here: TrespasserGuy’s Unfinished Level Pack Download (14.9 MB)


The first of many new levels by Draconisaurus included in this news post. Inspired by the comic book series “The Woods, it contains a forest from an alien world with secrets to be uncovered and fearful environs to survive. It can be downloaded here: 4ushT Download (15.0 MB)

Pine Escape

The next level from Draconisaurus is inspired by Jurassic Park Arcade and plays out in similar fashion, but with a Trespasser touch. Pine Escape Download (8.4 MB)

Mountain Valley

Another level from Draconisaurus that he made over the past winter. The level is very typical Trespasser and therefore stands out from his typical levels. It has a great environment and puzzles. Mountain Valley Download (29.4 MB)

Desert Mountain

This next level was inspired by one of the Windows Login Backgrounds. Once again this is created by Draconisaurus. Desert Mountain Download (5.7 MB)


Draconisaurus dreamed this level up randomly one day. “The basic premise is that InGen is for whatever reason doing an archaeological investigation on an unknown ruin location.” MayanCity46 Download (8.6 MB)

Winter Outpost

Now this level is probably a bit late to be added to the news post. This is Draconisaurus Christmas 2019 level for the community. The level continues where “Industrial Forest 3” left off. “This time you must complete the journey to the outpost and make it through the gate!” Winter Outpost Download (23.8 MB)

NNHD Trespasser Textures

And now for something completely different. Isolt spent some time upscaling most of Trespasser’s textures. They also went ahead to upscale the texture used in Pine Valley (build 96). Please be aware these are quite big downloads. These HD textures requires the CE patch to work. See the including Readme for installation instructions and other information.

“Standard version is 4x resolution (16x pixel count) in 24bit colour.

Light version (for more demanding levels or less capable hardware) at 2x resolution (8x pixel count) with some less important textures removed, and some particularly large in game textures at 4x”

NNHD Trespasser Textures – Standard Version Download (700.6 MB)

NNHD Trespasser Textures – Light Version Download (178.1 MB)

NNHD Trespasser Textures – Pine Valley Download (62.8 MB)


TPA Player Update

Rebel has released a new version of TPA Player, version It contains a small workaround to export audio with / in its name. You can find the latest version here: TPA Player v4.0.9.8 Download (524.4 KB)


Last year our long time TresCom staff MikeTheRaptor decided to start a Discord channel for Trespasser. The Discord is linked in the right-side panel below the forum, but you can also join it by clicking HERE.

Tools And Compatibility Patches

Compatibility Patches

machf have been busy again working on getting the levels from the early Trespasser builds to work with the retail engine. He has now fixed the .scn and .grf file from the early levels to properly work with the retail engine (except for some issues with Build 22’s IJ and TestScene level (for now)). You will still require to convert the .pid/.swp using the Pid reWrite tool(see below) along with the TPAupdate tool (see below) in order to fully experience the levels.
These patches can be found in our Patches download section. Please see the description of the downloads for information to get them working properly.


From the description:
“fixOcclusion is a simple drag-and-drop utility based on some of the functionality from the earlier pidRewrite tool. Its purpose is to fix the occlusion settings in early v130 pid’s (basically, the ones from Build 55) so that they are fuly compatible with later ones and can be properly viewed in TresEd. Just place the executable in the same folder as the Build 55 *.PID files, then drag an drop on top of it each .PID file you want to convert. The original ones will be saved with a “.bak” extension, just in case.”
This tool will fix the issue where TresEd won’t recognize occlusion objects as occlusions due to difference in the early v130 pid’s found in Build 55. You can found the tools in our Tools download section on the left or download it here: fixOcclusion Download

New TPA Tools And Updated Sound Name Listings


TPAupdate is a simple drag-and-drop tool to convert early TPA files (v130 and v140) to ones working with the engine from the release (v150). The Readme say:
“This is a small program that updates the old version (v130 and v140) TPA files contained in earlier Trespasser builds, like Build 22 (E3 demo), Build 32 (PC Gamer demo) and Build 55, making a new version (v150) compatible with the engine from the Trespasser release (Builds 116 and 117).”

You can download it here: TPAupdate Download

TPA Player

This new TPA Player version now allows you to play any official TPA from any of the builds (22-117) we currently have.
You can download it here: TPA Player v4.0.9.5

Updated Sound Name Listings

machf have updated his Sounds Name Listings to include all the known ones. Currently there are around 50 sound names still to be discovered across all our current builds.
You can find these in our Documents section.

Draconisaurus Stop-Motion Videos

Last year our forum member Draconisaurus have done a few really cool stop-motion videos with dinosaurs in them. They are worth checking out and you can find them at his YouTube channel.

Pid reWrite And Canopy Valley

Pid reWrite

For the past few weeks Rebel and machf have worked on a simple drag-and-drop tool to allow anyone to easily convert early v120 Pid’s into v130 ones (used by retail).
This way you are able to view the early levels from the E3 build (Build 22) and PCGamer build (Build 32) in TresEd in their original form. Unless you are able to run the early builds, this is an amazing utility. You can find it in our Downloads/Tools section or download it here: Pid reWrite Download

Canopy Valley

Draco thought the modding community had been quiet for a while so he fixed up one of his de-stress levels and put it up for release:
“Canopy Valley is a brief modding project of mind done mainly as stress-relief – a not-too-complex-mod with an assortment of terrain textures, models, and dinosaurs. The player gets to roam around a canopied forest landscape and hunt dinosaurs (sorry, no helicopters). Enjoy!”
Canopy Valley can be found in the Downloads/Levels section or downloaded here: Canopy Valley Download

JURASSIC TIME: The Preserved Hammond Recordings


Presented for the first time are the entire available recordings of Richard Attenborough’s performance of John Parker Hammond from the DreamWorks Interactive PC Game Trespasser- The Lost World: Jurassic Park. These were the same files featured in Jurassic Time: The Memoir Of John Parker Hammond- The Anniversary Edition, an audiobook-style presentation that included music from the game edited to carry the story. Most of the files are sourced from an early alpha version of the game that featured the best quality available. The retail version of the game featured degraded quality and dreamlike echo effects on the voice, whereas these are mostly the untouched recordings with fantastic sound. Some of the dialogue remains edited, in stereo, with minor atmospheric effects. A set of dialogue that reads an old diary entry sadly remains in intentionally degraded quality. Also included are a few alternate versions of the dialogue and some additional dialogue selected from the DreamWorks Interactive PC Game Chaos Island- The Lost World: Jurassic Park that is hard to come by (and sadly in bad quality). The files are all organized in folders in the order done for The Anniversary Edition. It should be noted that in the game files themselves there was no storytelling order at all; just a scattered, incoherent mess. After over a decade of different versions of The Memoir, I decided it was finally time to have the recordings themselves easily accessible. While I still firmly believe the The Anniversary Edition is the best way to experience Hammond’s story, I know these files have been long-requested. So here they are; preserved for all time.

Jurassic Time.

Happy 20th Anniversary Trespasser!

October 28, 1998 – Trespasser is released in stores around the world.
Trespasser ended up being criticized and sold very few copies, even being called worst game of the year. While some see the game as a failure, we the community do not. Many people have come and gone during the years, spreading the love of the game. Even 20 years after release the community is standing strong. During our existence we have created tons of content for the game – levels, models, fan fiction and several tools to aid us in modifying the game and create new content for it. A patch called CE Patch brought us better modern OS support among other cool contents to inspire people to create content for the game many years to come.

It is not only user made content the community have. During the years we have received original Trespasser content, including original documents, voiceover scripts, assets and early game builds, including long lost (cut) levels as Pine Valley and Plantation House.

For this anniversary we have some fun releases to share:

Update: Scallenger have released an Anniversary Edition of his Jurassic Time book, updated with some fantastic new art. You get find it on his Jurassic Time page.

Twitter Tag

Join us to spread the word on Twitter using the hashtag #Trespasser20yrs to share your story, memory, screenshots or other Trespasser related thing to the world. This one was suggested by no other than the Trespasser developer Rolf Mohr 🙂

20th Anniversary Community Level

The most important content for Trespasser’s 20th anniversary is this 20th anniversary community level. The community have manage to work together and created this amazing piece of level. It can be played from start to finish and while it might contain some unpolished parts, it is the first time in many years the community have come together to work on a level. Give it a try and have fun! If used with the CE patch, you will get an awesome custom looking sky!

The level can be found in our levels section or downloaded here: Tres20_v0-3-4_Drac.rar (27.9 MB)

Rebel’s Crossbow Contest

For the 20th Anniversary Rebel did some cool work making a working crossbow. Of course this means we will have a contest. While we are unsure of any prices it will mainly be for fun and possibly some fun special forum role (if not already a member, join our forum!! 😉 ). There are both a standalone package using the ATX patch and a version of the CE patch made by TheIdiot. Ready, aim, fire! Do not cheat 😉 Take a screenshot and share your result on our forum!

You can find the standalone ATX package here: CrossBow_ATXPackage.zip (16.9 MB)
You can find the CE package here: CrossBow_CEPackage.zip (1.6 MB)

Post your scores at our forum: CrossBow Score Topic

Trespasser Millennium

Over the years we have seen a few modding suites for Trespasser containing all the required tools to create your own levels for the game. First we had Trespasser CE (not to be confused with the CE Patch), and then we had Trespasser Twilight. Now we have a new, update modding suite – Trespasser Millennium.

You can find it in out tools section or download it here: Tres_Millennium.7z (253.7 MB)

New Trespasser Fan Site

This was supposed to be a news post back in April but for whatever reason it was left as a draft.

It is not common these days. In fact, it is a rarity. It’s been a very long time since anyone created their own fan site for this game however, our forum member Melber have made one.

The website is still under construction, but give it all your support!


TI’s Mega Jungle

For a few years now TheIdiot have released some versions of his Mega Jungle, a resource level that contain new content that other people can use in their levels. For the 20th anniversary, version 1.5 have been released, including “new usable Hawaiian Palms as well as the allosaurus I teased a while ago, plus a brand-new (but unfinished) willow tree, which I intend to eventually be part of a swamp-themed set of foliage. Additionally, the evergreens are now lower-poly so hopefully they won’t destroy your performance so much.”.

You can find the download in our editing section or download it here: TIMegaJungle_V0.5.zip (23.7 MB)

TI’s Trespasser Weapon Sound Overhaul

A long time ago TheIdiot did a weapon sound overhaul mod for an unknown user and have now decided to release it to the public. This can be used with ATX and CE, please see their documentation on how to use custom made TPA files.

You can find it in our editing section or download it here: WeaponSoundOverhaulTPA.zip (2.5 MB)

TPA Player

Not to be confused with TPA Reader, TPA Player is what its name suggest – a TPA player. It will allow you to play Trespasser TPA files like a small media player. A simple utility for anyone who only wants to listen through the audio without export it.

Found in our tools section or here: tpa_player_1.5_setup.zip (555.2 KB)

Site and forum issues!

For the past few weeks we’ve had some experienced some issues with the site and forum, mainly were it is impossible to upload files over 1 MB. This apply to both regular members and the staff. This means it can be difficult to attach files to your forum post or that we can’t upload any new files to the site at the moment.

Another very important issue found out recently is that you will get an error if trying to download any file from our download section. If you are in a hurry or desperate want any file, feel free to ask on the forum and we will make sure to help you out!

Please have patience as these issues (and any other we will find) get sorted out.

EDIT: These issues have been fixed. Happy download!