Jurassic Time: Gold

Everyone, including me, thought 2013’s edition of Jurassic Time (Annotated) was the final one. But it looks like since we got a 4th Jurassic Park film this year we may as well have a 4th edition of everyone’s favorite John Hammond memoir: Jurassic Time! The “Gold” edition is indeed the final one, for sure (unless we unearth pristine and uncut recordings of Attenborough’s dialogue). It removes all of the Thomas Hammond tracks from the previous release to give fans of the game a more authentic experience. You can still download the “Annotated” edition with those tracks in the archives and read up as to why they are gone from this edition. In their place are two brand-new intro and outro tracks meant to sell the idea that this all came from some old lost tapes laying around Hammond’s mansion. Otherwise all of the John Hammond tracks are identical to those from before; still in fantastic music sound quality and filled to the brim with appropriate sound effects.

I can understand those not interested in this edition since it actually offers less than before. But trust me when I say that this, to me, is the definitive way to really listen to it. Anyone who wants to experience more of the story really needs to download the “Excavated” book edition that features the entire script with pictures in a scrapbook form.

This has entire process of making all of these editions has been a labor of love for me, and I hope my final sendoff is one that will be enjoyed. Thank you all for your interest. The pleasure has all been mine. Click on the logo below to be taken to the site.


Intruder: Isla Sorna Demo And Kickstarter Campaign!

Cory Broad’s exciting new vision of Jurassic Park and Trespasser springs to life in a new demo available for all to explore! Check out the Facebook page and click on “Play Game” near the top to be taken to the demo download. If you like what you see, be sure to support Cory by funding his Kickstarter campaign!

Exclusive Mark Stutzman Interview – Jurassic Park McDonald’s Cup Illustrator


Check out this exclusive interview with Mark Stutzman! Anyone who grew up in the early 90s when Jurassic Park came out will likely remember the unforgettable illustrations Mark covered the McDonald’s drink cups with. Here you can see for the first time two of them in full! And get a unique behind the scenes perspective on the making of them, as well as other unique projects! Remember the old film one last time before venturing into the new with Jurassic World!

Server problems resolved

During the past few months we received a lot of complaints of people having trouble with our forum registration. As it turned out, the email server we had been using was shut down by the host without any notification. Upon notice, we fixed it immediately, but we sincerely apologize for the trouble it may have caused. The forum has always been very welcoming to newcomers, so if you happened to be a viction, please retry today!


Merry Christmas

Ho,ho,ho… I know that this may seem as a pretty lame intro to an awesome post, but what can I say: i am a sucker for the festive spirit. It has been yet another incredible year here at TresCom. We have seen new fan projects such as the incredible Trespassing, a CryEngine Total Conversion, an entire rebuild of the entire Trespasser source known as Trespasser CE (I know what you are thinking and yes – it does add new shiny effects to the old Trespasser Engine!), several incredible interviews with Austin Grossman and Scallenger and then there was JP:Aftermath, an incredible port to the Unity-Engine.


There were other Jurassic Park news, of course:  Jurassic World is happening and wowed us with an oddly inaccurate version of Andy from Parks and Recreation riding with a gang of velociraptors. I know, we were thinking the same thing, but hey – there will be dinosaurs, so we are still psyched! On a sad note, however, John Hammond (Sir Richard Attenborough) passed away in August this year. He was an incredible actor and director – and he will be truely missed by all of us.

To leave you on a happy note, it just so happens that JP:Aftermath released a christmas video to hit you over the head with the right christmas mood:

Merry christmas, everyone!


Jurassic World – Trailer released



What can I say… I am excited!

Derrick Davis Gets Interviewed On “Canned Air Podcast”


As if the recent Austin Grossman interview wasn’t enough, Canned Air Podcast spoke out to the creator of Jurassic Time, Derrick Davis (also known as Scallenger). I stuck around for the entire awesome episode (and also contributed a fairly scary Jurassic Park intro audio), but its around the 34 minute mark that Jurassic Time is discussed. I also briefly mention my upcoming novel Retcon Ride, at around the 1 hour and 4 minute mark.

Listen to the podcast episode right here, or download directly here!

Austin Grossman Exclusive Interview!


Austin Grossman, the writer of Trespasser, reminisces about the experience of creating the game in an exclusive interview conducted by me, Scallenger! Check it out right here, on TresCom’s hosted site about the John Hammond memoir, Jurassic Time.

Trespassing: Tech Demo released!

This is some hot stuff! s13n1 released a first Tech Demo to the amazing Trespassing Trespasser Total Conversion. The game is based on the Cry Engine and wows us with some amazing graphics. For installation, follow s13n1’s instructions on his own website. The tech demo requires the Cry Engine, which is available free of charge here.

Download the Tech-Demo

And now to you: In order to get as many people to play this, we’re in the need of a helpful quick & dirty installation instruction & screenshots. Are you up to the challenge?  Then add your contributions in the comments below.



Community-member awesome24712 just posted these nifty installation instructions:

Did this work out for you? Have a helpful advice to other people downloading the beta? Please let us know in the comments below!

Richard Attenborough (John Hammond) Has Passed Away


On August 24th, the incredibly talented Richard Attenborough passed away at 90 years old. Richard starred in numerous films in his career, and even directed some; winning Academy Awards. But at TresCom we all knew him best as John Hammond from the Jurassic Park films. He ended up reprising his role for Trespasser, recording over half an hour of dialogue for the game from a script by Austin Grossman. Anyone who has played Trespasser will remember his dialogue very well, popping up at precise moments to give players wonderful bits of backstory and even a hint or two. He also effortlessly made us feel for the character and understand him in a way the films never could. He truly made the experience feel authentic and enjoyable.

My site, Jurassic Time, which hosts an audiobook-like program of his Trespasser dialogue, has dedicated a new page to Richard Attenborough. It sheds some light on who he was, and how he will always be remembered. It includes some personal thoughts of my own. Keep his “lost” performance alive by spreading Jurassic Time with others.

Everyone here at TresCom are saddened by this loss. But he shall never be forgotten by any of us.